Wow! I am guilty of some gross neglect. Thought I’d just clean up and put a pointer out here to some updates as some traffic still flows in form some search engines.

For the most part this site is something of a relic of the past.

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Well after spending nearly 6 days in total on trains and travelling around, finally there is some settlement.

However, here comes the sad news – I probably won’t be able to post anything for quiet a while but i do plan on posting oncce in a while and then again on a regular note perhaps when i get a fixed internet connection, this should probably be accompanied by a new look and name.

So long! for now.

So in a few days i should be off to greener pastures (quite literally 😉 ).

I shall miss Kuwait mostly to the wonderful connections made with people from all over the world over the past decade 😦 but on the other hand this is a new phase in life and i’m looking forward to it, leaning on God. 🙂

Another piece of good news is that, as a result of leaving, i have bought some stuff, thereby giving me some material to post reviews.

Umm….. so stay tuned 😛

Wii ControlersAlthough it won’t win any web design awards, this nifty and quite informative site plots the tree of controllers right from the Atari days to the Wii times.

Link: Sock Master

The WormApparently Chuck as it was first called, is the worm if you want to hook bass or walleyes (fish). After a brief stint as Billy’s Worm, it came to be called The Worm.

I personally have no clue about fishing /angling. Just thought that Chuck was a cool name for a worm 😉

Link: The Worm

CS3The world recently witnessed the arrival of the Adobe Creative Suite 3. Needless to say, its probably the most well rounded suites to do almost everything imaginable with web design and content creation but its almost certain to empty your wallet too.

Here’s a round up of free alternatives to popular programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. by CNET

Link: CNET 

Windows Live Mail (old)Windows Live Hotmail (new)

Just noticed a few days ago that Windows Live Mail got renamed to Windows Live Hotmail. It’s quite a mouth full but I can understand that they don’t want to alienate hotmail users.

Hehe, atleast in abbreviated form we can call it WLH and not confuse it with WLM (Windows Live Messenger).

Apart from the name change, there are some other changes too (version M10). The interface finally works for me without causing any problems with AdMuncher and its slightly quicker too. Now if only they can do something with that LARGE annoying ad. 😕

Link: Offical Microsoft Blog on M10

Now it seems that everytime you surf your’re bound to stumble upon some Web 2.0 sites. These are sites that are more open functional and social in nature ala Youtube, MySpace etc.

The following site gives a categorized list of the top 1000 web 2.0 site.

Link: Web 2.0 list

SachinIts fair to call Sachin Tendulkar a hero on a cricket pitch and it turns out he is also going to be a superhero in a range of comic books, animation and games.

I wonder who will be the super villains to the challenge the 5ft 4ins maestro.

Link: BBC

Graduation (+)As my friend put it “Unexpectedly, One of the most memorable day in school”. Now we know graduations are memorable but we didn’t expect it to be this memorable.

It finally sets in that feeling, officially at least, that school is over. I love that graduations provides you with numerous photo opportunities. Hehe, I had a hard time juggling between taking photos and being a part of the photo.

Most of all, I thank God for taking me through all these school years.