Honda - 2 Honda


This is the 1st time I have had the experience of having a brand new car in Kuwait ..!!!!!! 😀The hunt for a new car started a few months ago after our old car – Chrysler Concorde – was starting to show its age… The first list contained almost every car around and below 5 grand. From a host of choices the decision was down to the NEW Suzuki Grand Vitara, Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord. (However there was a scare at one point – my parents liked the Hyundai Matrix!!! which I think is extremely ugly)

Vitara: (+) Looks really good, SUV, nice interior, nice a/c ACC, mom dad and bro like it (-) I found rear door too small for me and back seat, completely new model so no reliability info

Altima: nice car in all aspects. I think the rear can be improved, way too common.

Accord: My car of choice from the lot from the beginning, new rear looks nice , build finish, elegant look, they offered more for our old car, service, nice standard accessories and so finally it outweighed all and everyone else agreed and hence the our new car.

The procedures were simple, and the ride was outstanding… awesome car. Hmm I should be pretty happy for a long while. I have posted some pics of the graphite grey colored car (nighttime – hard to see in these pics).

I thank God for making all this possible and pray for safety on the dangerous roads of Kuwait.

(I’ll try posting daytime shots.. :P)