Last Wednesday, our shcool held the elction for appointing the head boy. Well, i was voted  as the Vice head boy

How the election works is that our teachers select a bunch of potential candidates, followed by a small campaign, we then say a speech to the asssembly of senior students after which we are open to answer questions form the audience. Then, the students are handed out ballot papers, they assign Grades (points) to each candidate and the one with the highest points gets appointed as head boy, the second highest as vice head boy and the same goes for the girls too.

Well, thank God, I felt as though as my speech and answers went off well and so I guess thats why I was voted as Vice head boy. I'm glad with results and felt everyone else contesting was deserving.

Here is the full script of my speech, it was prepared all by myself with the help of google, wikipedia, MS Word and Mom: (i personally don't like giving such speeches as i feel there is a hint of boasting in them, thats what i feel anyway)

Good morning respected principal, teachers and dear students

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mathew Alexander from the 12th standard commerce stream

Ten years ago, I came to Kuwait joined this school as a skinny little kid and here I am today standing in front of you to win over your vote to appoint me as the head boy

To commence, Who is a leader?
A leader is one who must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough to motivate them however Not even a great leader can get very far without great people to lead

Then Why should you vote for me? Why should I be your leader?
Three words.  “Sincerity, Integrity, Dedication."

First, Sincerity or honesty. In all my actions I shall strive to be honest, direct & truthful to the best of my ability. I am not going to make any false claims about myself and on what I can do.

Second, Integrity or reliability. When given a task I shall carry it out with steadfastness and trustworthiness and you know you can depend on me because of my past experience as a prefect for many years and my appointment as the co-curricular activities secretary last year.

Third. Dedication. To be a good leader you have to be a good servant. I cannot ask you to follow me, unless I know how to follow, too . Personally, in my own life I always try to serve in whatever way I can and so I believe in the motto “do your best, your very best, And do it every day”  

Therefore remember these Three words Sincerity, Integrity and Dedication.

To conclude, Abraham Lincoln said “Whatever you are, be a good one.” And if you elect me to the post of head boy, I shall be a good one.  

I wish my fellow candidates the very best,
I am grateful to my teachers for nominating me and
I thank you’ll for bearing with me