P.O.D. - Tesify (2006)
P.O.D. has released their new album entitled Testify. Its a strong effort thats takes them back to their familiar style heard in their hit album Satellite

I initially I didn't like their previous album Payable on death since i preffered their style on Satellite , however, Payable on death is one of those albums that grows on you, the more you listen, the more you start to like it, I must say album is really good with its more seasoned guitars but didn't take-of because of problems with Atlantic Records.

Well the new album sees a comeback to P.O.D. style of Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap mix… something which they are good at. The song that stands out the from the lot is "Goodbye for now" its a song you'll get easliy hooked to with its catchy chorus. Others tracks like "Lights Out" (Boom like), "Sounds of war", "Say Hello" contain some really energetic guitars and lyrics. "Goodbye for now

There are some drawbacks though, some songs feel a bit repetitive, they should have done more to give some distinguishing sounds between tracks, towards the middle it can get montonous.

On the whole, the album is pretty good and worth your attention.

Rating: 4/5