First-of, sorry for taking a fortnight for a new post, been busy.

Sometime ago, I got invited to join the new Yahoo Mail BETA and this meant that I could finally evaluate it with Gmail and Windows Live Mail and pick out which of these three next generation web-based mail service was better. 
However, this is not a full comparison as I have given a link to CNET’s review which is more elaborate and more importantly, similar to my verdict. 

Here is CNET’s round up  

Gmail – Have been using it for a while now and it quickly became my primary id. I love the interface, the features, and the different way of structuring (using labels, conversations and handy filters rather than folder). It’s also the quickest among the lot and offers the largest space – minimum of 2 GB and keeps on increasing. I also like its integration with main of Google’s popular services.

      My Rating Gmail : 4.5/5 (4.5)  my choice

Windows Live Mail – Its part of Microsoft’s plan to transform MSN services with the ‘Live’ trademark. A world apart from Hotmail, Live Mail brings some much need improvements to the aging Hotmail interface along with clean look, a handy drag & drop ability and other nifty features.
However, it was the slowest to load, on my dial-up connection 😦 , during initial loading and while loading a message. More to the point, it doesn’t have full functionality with Fire Fox, my primary browser.

After some weeks the opening page started to exhibit improperly on Internet Explorer, contacted support (Excellent support team, was extremely impressed by their understanding of the problem and their swift and timely response. It just about changed the my idea of support services offered by companies)

I realized I had to change some settings to my ‘Ad Muncher‘, this cleared the problem but this means that I have to bear the large, ugly and annoying advert banners.

      My Rating wlm : 4.5/5 (4.2) 

Yahoo Mail – I have only been using sparingly and I still haven’t explored it completely, mainly due to the fact that I don’t use my Yahoo ID chiefly for mailing/messaging and consequently my inbox comprises of a few newsletters.

It offers the most polished interface although I don’t fancy their choice of a dull golden as their theme color. The drag and drop feature is also present here, but what is not present are ads (except for some small unnoticeable ads on certain regional IDs). It only offers 1 GB, a whole Giga-byte less than its rivals.

      My Rating yahoo mail : 4.5/5 (4.3) 

My Verdict – Overall I must say Gmail is better for being innovative and managing to present a host of information in a pleasing way. If you’re a fan of Yahoo or MSN then I am sure you will not be disappointed by their new versions.
If asked to choose between between Yahoo Mail and Live Mail then I would say Yahoo for its more polished feel but here i feel it depends on how much you use their other services and in that sense for me it would be Live Mail since I use Live messenger (MSN messenger 8)

The distance that Gmail enjoyed over the others, for a while now, has certainly been reduced, nonetheless I still feel Gmail holds the edge.

Note – These services are still in BETA, that is they are not the final versions.