My summer break in India are drawing to a close, apart from occasional trips & the world cup, most of my days i follow a routine. Its goes something like this:

0900– the time i get up but many days i’ve been up at 11 but that’s mostly during the world cup days.
0945 – After breakfast, i usually switch on the TV and see to the news, mainly, followed by some interesting show or sports programme.
1200– Time for lunch followed by some sweet goodies.
1300 – Variety time. Usually i do my homework or reading from this time
1530 – Nap time.
1630– Usually have snack and just sit on the veranda and read something
1800– Serial time. My Grandma’s time, usually see all the mallu serials to 10 p.m.
2200 – Prayer and just talking about something with the family.
2230 – I just look for something interesting on TV
0030 – Bedtime and personal time with God.

So that’s what usually happens on a day at my regular home in India. The general mood is to relax and eat, a reason why i gain weight. 😉