adidas vs. nike

If you havent noticed yet, there is a “global war” between Nike and Adidas to have the best team or sportman everywhere to endorse their marque.

Here’s what I mean:

Inter Milan (nike) vs AC Milan (adidas)
Boca Jrs. (nike) vs. River Plate (adidas)
Barcelona or Atletico Madrid (nike) vs. Real Madrid (adidas)
Porto Fc (nike) vs. Benfica (adidas)
Borussia D. (nike) vs. Bayern Munich (adidas)
Flamengo (nike) vs. Fluminense (adidas)
PSG (nike) vs. Olympique M. (adidas)
PSV (nike) vs. Ajax (adidas)
Brazil (nike) vs. Argentina (adidas)
Portugal (nike) vs. Spain (adidas)
England Rugby (nike) vs. All Blacks (adidas)

and my favorite

Arsenal or Manchester Utd (nike) vs. Chelsea (adidas)

Just incase you are wondering, My personal favorite is Adidas.