One of the best features of FireFox is the large collection of extensions or add-ons. Here’s an innovative bunch of them that I use frequently:

  1. Foxytunes – It allows me to control my WinAmp and Real Player (including a host of others) It does away with my need to constantly open WinAmp form the taskbar. Apart from the regular play buttons, its also got a nifty progress bar.
  2. Forecastfox – It displays international weather, so i can keep a check of Kuwait’s boiling tempertaure 😉 . Its customizable and not obtrusive.
  3. Dictionary Tooltip – Double click on any word and voila a small floating window pops out with comprehensive definitons and synonyms. It can be maximized to get further information.
  4. Reveal – Opeing hundreds of tabs in one-window can some times become annoying with endless time spent to find the right one without loosing the other tabs but don’t fear for with this extension, all you have to do is Press F2 and victory is yours! Enter floating boxes that contain thumbnails of all the tabs in the page. We also get thumbnails for previous pages upon hovering over the Back button. Neat!
  5. StumbleUpon – Dubbed “channelsurf”. I think this is one of the best ways to surf. Click the Stumble! button and a page will load relating to your favourite tags.

These are only a few mentioned here. There are loads of other extensions created to suit individual tastes and such extensions paly a formidable role in FireFox’s superiority over other browsers.

Link: Download extensions for Firefox.
If you dont have FireFox, Get Firefox! and rediscover the web.