After a year of using a Norton as my anti-virus, I have shifted to AVG anti-virus pro, not as popular but as capable of doing its job.
They also have a free edition which is one the best free Anti-virus soft-wares around.

So here’s my brief review:


  • Uses way less system resources as compared to Norton while during a full scan. It was using only about an average of 30% of my CPU.
  • Active shield or real time protection, that’s very important for me
  • Can do all task done by Norton or others like scheduling, automating tasks etc.
  • Longer liscensing period, cheaper and generally simple to use.
  • Easy to update virus definitions that are constantly renewed


  • Improvements definitely need to be made interface, needs to look WAY more sleek.
  • Sometimes a bit complicated to understand what you need to do for a task.
  • Not a popular name, doesn’t appear in my Zone Alarm anti-virus monitioring.

Well, In conclusion, Good-bye Norton, not that it was bad, I just wanted something that was light on resources and so I got AVG.

My rating: 4/5

Links: AVG home, CNET Review