Richard Apparently Hammond was trying to break the British land speed record in the Thule Vampire, a Rolls-Royce jet-powered dragster made in Sweden capable of reaching 272 mph in six seconds. The crash took place at over 280 mph. 😦

There are also reports that the BBC could face prosecution over the crash from the health and safety department and a spokesman for the health and safety executive said the BBC could be fined if it was found that breaches of the legislation had occurred.

Hammmond is thought to be in serious but stable condition suffering some sort of brain damage, although Doctors have stated that he is showing good progress and could be back to his old self within six months.

I like his presentations and I also like the way he stands up to (or atleast tries to do so ;)) Jeremy on many occasions. TopGear will miss him.
Pray that he’ll get well soon.

Links: BBC report , Jeremy says he walks