OCR (according to wikipedia) basically refers to computer software designed to translate images of typewritten text into machine-editable text.

Lately I’ve been working on a project that involves converting text in some images to normal text that’s editable, so instead of spending a lot of time on simply reading the text and then typing, I looked out for some good OCR programs and ended up getting two of them.

One is SimpleOCR – Its opensource and has a free version, and the other is Abbyy FineReader – a proprietory software.

Abbyy is definitely powerful, easy and is considered one of the best OCR programs, on the other hand SimpleOCR does its job being free.

As for me though, my images are far too low on resolution to make them recognisable to edit 😦
Nonetheless these programs are especially good if you want to edit the text from a scanned document.

Update: Let’s just say my project is going to be a breeze (or something like that), thanks to Abbyy. 

More: Wikipedia on OCR