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Now that Christmas is around the corner, its time for me to send some cards out 😛
So here are my top e-card sites on the basis of :

1. Quality / Overall – Hallmark
Hallmark is my favorite card company electronic or otherwise. I love the quality of their cards and their selection is free, pretty big and well sorted. You do need to register though. (BlueMountain is also good but you have to pay)

2. Quantity – 123greetings
I don’t think I have veen to an e-card site that has more cards and topics than 123greetings, they even have cards for all sorts of days that I never knew existed. Its free from registration and cost, however, quality can definitely be improved.

3. Uniqueness – DaySpring
You get to send cards with a nice Christian themes for many occasions.


Wow! Its been a long time since I have posted.

So to break the ice here’s a game entitled ‘Virus’, At first I couldn’t understand why the game was named as such. As I progressed, I understood. The main object is to fill the cells with a single (virus) color with the least number of attempts.
Apart from fun, such games are good as they flex the mental muscles 😉


Just draw or scribble anything you want and once you are done, press ‘Start Scribble’ and be amazed as The SCRIBBLER creates a generative illustration based on your drawing. You can also customize the SCRIBBLER with various settings to adjust the color, line etc…

The results can be quite surprising 😛


➡ This is a pretty cool game that takes advantage of Google maps. Its a mini flight simulator where your given a super F18 Jet (okay, okay its just a normal aeroplane) and allowed to fly over the top cities in the world.

Broadband connection is recomended.

Link: Goggles Flight Sim

UbermanHah! Superman thinks he’s super… well, he hasn’t met my Persian-rug überman. 😛 .

Make your own hero over here.

Link: heromachine

Note: The storyline for Persian Rug the überman can be read by click on the heading of this post or the comments link.

A nice simple ping pong sort of game. It may be simple at first but it gets harder as you move up the levels. On my first try I got 11500+ points by reaching the 6th level 😛