One of the best things about beind in Kerala, is the selection of fruits that are available. What’s more, most of them are grown in my land and so I don’t have to pay anything or worry about any harmful substances.

Rambutan Mangoes Mangosteen JackfruitPics: Wikipedia

Here’s alow down on the top fruits that I currently eat:
Rambutan (Lychee) – The hairy little fruit thats sweet and sour is almost always om my mouth the past week after my meals. The only annoying things is that the fiber often gets stuck between my teeth.

Mangoes – from mangoes of all size, shapes and color, they’re simply delicous.

Mangosteen – This is one of my favourite, taste is wonderful, the first batch of them plucked from our tree is over, so haven’t had them for some weeks now.

Jackfruit – My childhood favourite is still my one of my favourits. Called Chakka in Malalayam.

There are many more like Apples, Pineapples, Grapes etc. that I have ate but they are not grown at homem so I left them out. I dont know about you, but i simply love fruits and  
Thank God,(unlike other things i like) they’re for the most part good for health.

Links: Wikipedia on Rambutan , Mango, Mangosteen, Jackfruit.