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Mario Forever screenshot (+)With the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Wii, I was just thinking of the good days when I used to play Mario on SNES. And subsequently when I saw the game ‘Mario Forever’ for full download on I had to check it out.

The game is very similar to the one that I used to play when I was younger and the 2D animation stays true to the original version. Its probably the best free Mario game. Its good to play with the chubby plumber again after a long long time. 😛

More: Wikipedia on Mario


Wow! Its been a long time since I have posted.

So to break the ice here’s a game entitled ‘Virus’, At first I couldn’t understand why the game was named as such. As I progressed, I understood. The main object is to fill the cells with a single (virus) color with the least number of attempts.
Apart from fun, such games are good as they flex the mental muscles 😉


➡ This is a pretty cool game that takes advantage of Google maps. Its a mini flight simulator where your given a super F18 Jet (okay, okay its just a normal aeroplane) and allowed to fly over the top cities in the world.

Broadband connection is recomended.

Link: Goggles Flight Sim

A nice simple ping pong sort of game. It may be simple at first but it gets harder as you move up the levels. On my first try I got 11500+ points by reaching the 6th level 😛