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Well after spending nearly 6 days in total on trains and travelling around, finally there is some settlement.

However, here comes the sad news – I probably won’t be able to post anything for quiet a while but i do plan on posting oncce in a while and then again on a regular note perhaps when i get a fixed internet connection, this should probably be accompanied by a new look and name.

So long! for now.


So in a few days i should be off to greener pastures (quite literally 😉 ).

I shall miss Kuwait mostly to the wonderful connections made with people from all over the world over the past decade 😦 but on the other hand this is a new phase in life and i’m looking forward to it, leaning on God. 🙂

Another piece of good news is that, as a result of leaving, i have bought some stuff, thereby giving me some material to post reviews.

Umm….. so stay tuned 😛

Graduation (+)As my friend put it “Unexpectedly, One of the most memorable day in school”. Now we know graduations are memorable but we didn’t expect it to be this memorable.

It finally sets in that feeling, officially at least, that school is over. I love that graduations provides you with numerous photo opportunities. Hehe, I had a hard time juggling between taking photos and being a part of the photo.

Most of all, I thank God for taking me through all these school years.

I crossed the 1000 mark this week for the number of songs I have. That’s 1115 to be more precise. I know its not a lot but its a milestone for me. 😛

The most recent album is tobyMac’s Portable Sounds.

Link: Review of Portable Sounds

My Socks (+)As a result of sickness, cold weather, time constraints and lazyness I have for the first time worn a pair of socks for 30 hrs (approx.) without taking it off.
Not really sure if i should be proud of that. 😛

In light of that here are a couple of sites with interesting information on socks.

Links: Renfro – All about socks, Importance of Winter Socks

Merry ChristmasJust wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and don’t forget the reason for the season.

Link: The Reason

Now that Christmas is around the corner, its time for me to send some cards out 😛
So here are my top e-card sites on the basis of :

1. Quality / Overall – Hallmark
Hallmark is my favorite card company electronic or otherwise. I love the quality of their cards and their selection is free, pretty big and well sorted. You do need to register though. (BlueMountain is also good but you have to pay)

2. Quantity – 123greetings
I don’t think I have veen to an e-card site that has more cards and topics than 123greetings, they even have cards for all sorts of days that I never knew existed. Its free from registration and cost, however, quality can definitely be improved.

3. Uniqueness – DaySpring
You get to send cards with a nice Christian themes for many occasions.

Well my summer break in India is drawing to a close, so i guess this is probably my last post in India.

Once i get to kuwait, I shall try to upload some pics and I shall also do some minor changes to the blog and hopefully give more updates.

But one things is for sure i’ll definitely miss India for a whole lot of reasons. 😦

My summer break in India are drawing to a close, apart from occasional trips & the world cup, most of my days i follow a routine. Its goes something like this:

0900– the time i get up but many days i’ve been up at 11 but that’s mostly during the world cup days.
0945 – After breakfast, i usually switch on the TV and see to the news, mainly, followed by some interesting show or sports programme.
1200– Time for lunch followed by some sweet goodies.
1300 – Variety time. Usually i do my homework or reading from this time
1530 – Nap time.
1630– Usually have snack and just sit on the veranda and read something
1800– Serial time. My Grandma’s time, usually see all the mallu serials to 10 p.m.
2200 – Prayer and just talking about something with the family.
2230 – I just look for something interesting on TV
0030 – Bedtime and personal time with God.

So that’s what usually happens on a day at my regular home in India. The general mood is to relax and eat, a reason why i gain weight. 😉 

Well now I am in Kerela, India.
On the journey here, I noticed how beautiful the clouds while looking through the window on the airline.
Never before had I seen clouds with such an amazing view and this just made me realize how beautiful creation is.

I’ve been here for two weeks now, sadly, it hasn’t rained since I have come. However, the World cup takes my mind of that. Sometimes I have to stay up till 2:30 am for the 3rd match.

So far so good