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Now that Christmas is around the corner, its time for me to send some cards out 😛
So here are my top e-card sites on the basis of :

1. Quality / Overall – Hallmark
Hallmark is my favorite card company electronic or otherwise. I love the quality of their cards and their selection is free, pretty big and well sorted. You do need to register though. (BlueMountain is also good but you have to pay)

2. Quantity – 123greetings
I don’t think I have veen to an e-card site that has more cards and topics than 123greetings, they even have cards for all sorts of days that I never knew existed. Its free from registration and cost, however, quality can definitely be improved.

3. Uniqueness – DaySpring
You get to send cards with a nice Christian themes for many occasions.


CoamtoseArtist: Skillet
Album: Comatose
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock – Hard/ Orchestral/ Pop

I was thinking of posting a detailed review but Panheads (fans of skillet) has already posted one here and it describes the album well.

The amazing thing about Skillet is that they manage to change their style in every album. While their last album “Collide” can be nearly be labeled hard and fueled by thumping guitars, this album is a good mix of their softer and harder style glued by some edgy orchestral elements.

Favorite tracks are hard to list as all of them are enjoyable but if i am going to be picky, the ones that stand out the most are “Whispers in the dark”, “Better than drugs” and “Rebirthing”.

Korey, Ben, John, LoriAdditionally, It seems that John, the lead singer, has tweaked his vocals. Don’t worry his signature raspy voice is still present but it just sounds better in this album; and speaking of vocals some tracks also include the addition of the sweet voice of Korey, John’s wife. Lyrically, the tracks are meaningful, spiritual, straight and direct without much poetry making it much easier to sing along.

I would’ve liked to see some more edgy songs like the ones from Collide with orchestral elements but this album is not at all dissapointing, far from it.

My Rating: 5/5 — my first 5 star rating 😛

More: Skillet’s Myspace, Purevolume (listen to samples from the album)
Video: “Rebirthing” – Brightcove (higher quality), Youtube

Just got two new albums for which I’ve been waiting for some time now. The forst is Jonzetta with their album ‘Popularity’ and the Second is Skillet with their album ‘Comatose’.

While the Jonezetta is new band, Skillet is a seasoned band and is one of my favorites.
Both these albums sound really good 😛 and I’ll post a review about them soon.

Myspace: Skillet, Jonezetta 
PureVolume: Skillet, Jonezetta (<-you can listen to songs here)

😯 I visited the Netscape website after a really really long time and well I got to say I was surprised. Gone was the portal that I once esteemed and in was the digg-like user driven content.

Now this is not new, Netscape changed its look way back in July but I checked it out only now. I used to like the old portal, used it often, but then slowly Netscape was getting worse and worse, stories were not updated frequently.
Regarding the browser, I still have Netscape 8.1 which is got great potential in my view but what keeps me from using it as my default browser is that its based on Firefox v1.0.7 which is slower than v1.5 and also I just like my extensions on FF.

So here’s my small comparison between and Digg: What seperates it from digg is that it has more categories (around 30) and also has editors called Anchors, who check the veracity of a story and add thier own comment. It’s varied and got a pretty clean look at the same time it displays a lot of information.
Digg: I think this is the most famous content driven site. Although, it has some categories, its mostly driven by tech content. The biggest advantage of Digg is that there are more users and I guess thats what matters on user driven sites. It has a cleaner look and more stories than

In the end, both are good, but Digg has the edge. I’d say use Digg for tech stuff and check out Netscape for broader categories. I still miss the old Netscape portal, especially the one they had for broadband users. 😦

Link:, Digg

TheFaceOfLoveArtist: Sanctus Real
Album: The Face of Love
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock

Their previous album “Fight the tide” is one of my all time favorite albums, the songs were just superb and I liked their energetic rock sound. This album on the other hand is more melodic with less punch.

What I like, are the lyrics. The songs have been written beautifully with meaning and purpose and sounds wonderfull. Favorite tracks on the album includes “I’m not all right”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Where we belong” & “Eloquent”.

Though its nice that they have a shift in the sound to slightly more softer rock which sounds good, I feel they’re much better at their punchy and exciting rock sound.
On the whole, it’s a good buy.

My Rating: 4/5

More: Band’s Website, Myspace, Purevolume.

After a year of using a Norton as my anti-virus, I have shifted to AVG anti-virus pro, not as popular but as capable of doing its job.
They also have a free edition which is one the best free Anti-virus soft-wares around.

So here’s my brief review:


  • Uses way less system resources as compared to Norton while during a full scan. It was using only about an average of 30% of my CPU.
  • Active shield or real time protection, that’s very important for me
  • Can do all task done by Norton or others like scheduling, automating tasks etc.
  • Longer liscensing period, cheaper and generally simple to use.
  • Easy to update virus definitions that are constantly renewed


  • Improvements definitely need to be made interface, needs to look WAY more sleek.
  • Sometimes a bit complicated to understand what you need to do for a task.
  • Not a popular name, doesn’t appear in my Zone Alarm anti-virus monitioring.

Well, In conclusion, Good-bye Norton, not that it was bad, I just wanted something that was light on resources and so I got AVG.

My rating: 4/5

Links: AVG home, CNET Review

One of the best things about beind in Kerala, is the selection of fruits that are available. What’s more, most of them are grown in my land and so I don’t have to pay anything or worry about any harmful substances.

Rambutan Mangoes Mangosteen JackfruitPics: Wikipedia

Here’s alow down on the top fruits that I currently eat:
Rambutan (Lychee) – The hairy little fruit thats sweet and sour is almost always om my mouth the past week after my meals. The only annoying things is that the fiber often gets stuck between my teeth.

Mangoes – from mangoes of all size, shapes and color, they’re simply delicous.

Mangosteen – This is one of my favourite, taste is wonderful, the first batch of them plucked from our tree is over, so haven’t had them for some weeks now.

Jackfruit – My childhood favourite is still my one of my favourits. Called Chakka in Malalayam.

There are many more like Apples, Pineapples, Grapes etc. that I have ate but they are not grown at homem so I left them out. I dont know about you, but i simply love fruits and  
Thank God,(unlike other things i like) they’re for the most part good for health.

Links: Wikipedia on Rambutan , Mango, Mangosteen, Jackfruit.

First-of, sorry for taking a fortnight for a new post, been busy.

Sometime ago, I got invited to join the new Yahoo Mail BETA and this meant that I could finally evaluate it with Gmail and Windows Live Mail and pick out which of these three next generation web-based mail service was better. 
However, this is not a full comparison as I have given a link to CNET’s review which is more elaborate and more importantly, similar to my verdict.  Read the rest of this entry »

P.O.D. - Tesify (2006)
P.O.D. has released their new album entitled Testify. Its a strong effort thats takes them back to their familiar style heard in their hit album Satellite Read the rest of this entry »