Recently I have been more and more interested in starting a blog,
so i decided to use my space on MSN, since i already but it was horrible i couldn't get it to work properly due to a reason i still am trying to figure out (i need a plug-in but the page for downloading it never comes up) and it perform smoothly with Fire-Fox my fave browser.
Then i thought of using myspace.com (again i already had an account) but i didn't find it interesting nor was it easy to edit and change it quickly.
So finally i stared a new one here, to my taste and more flexible.

With this blog i would just like to share my thoughts on some of my views, give some reviews of some stuff i find interesting and also since i am a big fan of football (soccer – fave club is CHELSEA FC!!) some views on that too .

In the next few days i shall start edit and give some intros about each category you will find to the right of this page.

Feel free to respond and contact me.

God bless.

Link: My space on MSN, never used it much but you may find some interesting pics