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Merry ChristmasJust wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and don’t forget the reason for the season.

Link: The Reason


Now that Christmas is around the corner, its time for me to send some cards out 😛
So here are my top e-card sites on the basis of :

1. Quality / Overall – Hallmark
Hallmark is my favorite card company electronic or otherwise. I love the quality of their cards and their selection is free, pretty big and well sorted. You do need to register though. (BlueMountain is also good but you have to pay)

2. Quantity – 123greetings
I don’t think I have veen to an e-card site that has more cards and topics than 123greetings, they even have cards for all sorts of days that I never knew existed. Its free from registration and cost, however, quality can definitely be improved.

3. Uniqueness – DaySpring
You get to send cards with a nice Christian themes for many occasions.

The Online Parallel bible site is designed brilliantly to display parallel versions of a verse in the Bible.

The translations supported are:

  • (WEB) World English Bible
  • (ASV) American Standard Version of 1901
  • (BBE) Bible in Basic English
  • (DBY) Darby Translation of 1884 / 1890
  • (WBS) Webster Bible of 1833
  • (KJV) King James Bible, Authorized Version of 1611
  • (YLT) Young’s Literal Translation of 1898
  • (JPS) 1917 Jewish Publication Society Tanakh
  • (WEY) Weymouth New Testament of 1913

Apart from the nifty concordance and dictionaries, there are also provisions for Hebrew translation, commentaries on the verse, dictionary for each word in the verse and also translation of the verse in multiple languages.

On the surface it may appear to be complicated to navigate but once you get the hang of it, its pretty simple. This site is definitely a comprehensive Bible study tool. 😛


bridge-rainbow.jpgThis picture was taken during the game between Chelsea and Portsmouth at Stamford Bridge. I just thought it looked beautiful.

I love rainbows, I think they’re awesome and they remind me of how great God is. I love just staring at them . Wish i could see it more often in Kuwait.

Source: BBC Sport

➡ Here’s a note in a book, called Sadhu Sundar Singh, i’m reading now.

In comparison with this big world, the human heart is only a small thing. Though the world is so large, it is utterly unable to satisfy this tiny heart. man’s evergrowing soul and its capacities can only be satisfied in the infinite God. As water is restless until it reaches its level, so the soul has not peace until it rest in God.

That’s so true!

❗ This site has got to be one of the most comprehensive sites, if you are looking for answers to questions about God and Science.

Honestly, If you ask me, just look outside through the window and you know God exists, but still its good to have scientific support for your faith.

Link: Reasons to believe

Well now I am in Kerela, India.
On the journey here, I noticed how beautiful the clouds while looking through the window on the airline.
Never before had I seen clouds with such an amazing view and this just made me realize how beautiful creation is.

I’ve been here for two weeks now, sadly, it hasn’t rained since I have come. However, the World cup takes my mind of that. Sometimes I have to stay up till 2:30 am for the 3rd match.

So far so good