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Wii ControlersAlthough it won’t win any web design awards, this nifty and quite informative site plots the tree of controllers right from the Atari days to the Wii times.

Link: Sock Master


Now it seems that everytime you surf your’re bound to stumble upon some Web 2.0 sites. These are sites that are more open functional and social in nature ala Youtube, MySpace etc.

The following site gives a categorized list of the top 1000 web 2.0 site.

Link: Web 2.0 list

Worldmapper lists different maps that have re-sized territories on the basis of different topics such as Infant Mortality, Drought etc.

Its amusing, nifty and at the same time pretty informative.

Link: Worldmapper

Chelsea FC crestI haven’t been to the site for some while and was shocked when I saw the new site. Its a major overhaul of the design and i like it. I haven’t seen any other club site like this. 😛

The best feature of the site is its unique navigation. I especially like the zoom in/out feature.


Wow! Its been a long time since I have posted.

So to break the ice here’s a game entitled ‘Virus’, At first I couldn’t understand why the game was named as such. As I progressed, I understood. The main object is to fill the cells with a single (virus) color with the least number of attempts.
Apart from fun, such games are good as they flex the mental muscles 😉


Just draw or scribble anything you want and once you are done, press ‘Start Scribble’ and be amazed as The SCRIBBLER creates a generative illustration based on your drawing. You can also customize the SCRIBBLER with various settings to adjust the color, line etc…

The results can be quite surprising 😛


This site does a real time check (as you type) of the availabilty of a url, like /.net/ .info/.biz /.us

Its useful if you are thinking of registering a domain or even for surfing with keywords.

Link: PCNames

calvinEarlier I posted about a site that contained daily updated comic strips. This site though revolves around Calvin and Hobbes and has a nice collection of comics, quotes and wallpapers.

Link: Calvin & Hobbes Wonderland

Feel like telling someone a compliment or just want to brighten someone’s day?. Well, here is a site that generates nice little one-line compliments and affirms based of various topics such as Administration, Friends, Parents etc.

Link: Auto-affirmer 

😯 I visited the Netscape website after a really really long time and well I got to say I was surprised. Gone was the portal that I once esteemed and in was the digg-like user driven content.

Now this is not new, Netscape changed its look way back in July but I checked it out only now. I used to like the old portal, used it often, but then slowly Netscape was getting worse and worse, stories were not updated frequently.
Regarding the browser, I still have Netscape 8.1 which is got great potential in my view but what keeps me from using it as my default browser is that its based on Firefox v1.0.7 which is slower than v1.5 and also I just like my extensions on FF.

So here’s my small comparison between and Digg: What seperates it from digg is that it has more categories (around 30) and also has editors called Anchors, who check the veracity of a story and add thier own comment. It’s varied and got a pretty clean look at the same time it displays a lot of information.
Digg: I think this is the most famous content driven site. Although, it has some categories, its mostly driven by tech content. The biggest advantage of Digg is that there are more users and I guess thats what matters on user driven sites. It has a cleaner look and more stories than

In the end, both are good, but Digg has the edge. I’d say use Digg for tech stuff and check out Netscape for broader categories. I still miss the old Netscape portal, especially the one they had for broadband users. 😦

Link:, Digg