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The WormApparently Chuck as it was first called, is the worm if you want to hook bass or walleyes (fish). After a brief stint as Billy’s Worm, it came to be called The Worm.

I personally have no clue about fishing /angling. Just thought that Chuck was a cool name for a worm 😉

Link: The Worm


My Socks (+)As a result of sickness, cold weather, time constraints and lazyness I have for the first time worn a pair of socks for 30 hrs (approx.) without taking it off.
Not really sure if i should be proud of that. 😛

In light of that here are a couple of sites with interesting information on socks.

Links: Renfro – All about socks, Importance of Winter Socks

If you have nothing else to do checkout this site of a German design student. Its wierd, its unique and it looks awesome. I like it.



Before I left for my vacations, I could only open my Live Mail account in Internet Eplorer for full functionality 😕 , this was extremely annoying since FireFox is my default browser.
A week ago I noticed that I can open my WLM in FireFox with almost full functionality.
The funny thing is that now I can’t use WLM on IE which I suspect is due to some upgrades of my firewall and ad remover. Now this is also annoying since I can’t directly open my mailbox from Windows Live Messenger 😕 .
I suppose I should be happy that atleast I can check my mailbox in FireFox.

Note: If you dont use FireFox Get Firefox!