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The WormApparently Chuck as it was first called, is the worm if you want to hook bass or walleyes (fish). After a brief stint as Billy’s Worm, it came to be called The Worm.

I personally have no clue about fishing /angling. Just thought that Chuck was a cool name for a worm 😉

Link: The Worm


Windows Live Mail (old)Windows Live Hotmail (new)

Just noticed a few days ago that Windows Live Mail got renamed to Windows Live Hotmail. It’s quite a mouth full but I can understand that they don’t want to alienate hotmail users.

Hehe, atleast in abbreviated form we can call it WLH and not confuse it with WLM (Windows Live Messenger).

Apart from the name change, there are some other changes too (version M10). The interface finally works for me without causing any problems with AdMuncher and its slightly quicker too. Now if only they can do something with that LARGE annoying ad. 😕

Link: Offical Microsoft Blog on M10

SachinIts fair to call Sachin Tendulkar a hero on a cricket pitch and it turns out he is also going to be a superhero in a range of comic books, animation and games.

I wonder who will be the super villains to the challenge the 5ft 4ins maestro.

Link: BBC

I am not too sure if this is widespread, but, I just noticed that my regular Google search result has a refreshed layout.

The main difference is in the results page: the links (Images, Maps, News..) above the search bar has been moved to a new column on the left.

Here are the screen-shots below

Old Google (+)Google - old (+)

Update: It seems as though things have gone back to as they were before. 

Just draw or scribble anything you want and once you are done, press ‘Start Scribble’ and be amazed as The SCRIBBLER creates a generative illustration based on your drawing. You can also customize the SCRIBBLER with various settings to adjust the color, line etc…

The results can be quite surprising 😛


bridge-rainbow.jpgThis picture was taken during the game between Chelsea and Portsmouth at Stamford Bridge. I just thought it looked beautiful.

I love rainbows, I think they’re awesome and they remind me of how great God is. I love just staring at them . Wish i could see it more often in Kuwait.

Source: BBC Sport

Old Look (+)New Look (+)

I just noticed that Windows Live Mail has a refreshed look. Not really sure which one I prefer, the old one was more simplistic but the new one packs in more info but the new one look does give it more of the Windows Live family design.

Good news is that this update no longer causes any problems with my Internet Explorer and AdMuncher, however, now I have problems with FireFox and AdMuncher while opening the inbox. Sheesh 😕

Note: The large annoying ad is still ever present.


I wanted to see how Stamford Bridge looked after Adidas became the kit sponsor of Chelsea. These pics shows how the ‘umbro’ on the seats of Chelsea’s stadium has been replaced by ‘adidas’.


If you ever run into some problems on your PC with the messaging softwares of different vendors such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk , AIM etc… then i would recommend using Meebo.

Meebo is a browser based messenger and allows you to connect to WL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM… at the same time without using their individual respective softwares, which is really cool. This is one of the most realistic and simplistic browser based messenger i’ve seen and is pretty quick too.

Of course, you won’t have all the advanced features such as voice-calls but still it comes in pretty handy for me especially when I’ve problems with signing into the vendor softwares on the PC.

Note: This is way better than the online MSN messenger.

Link: Meebo

Update: Kool IM is a simillar site suggested by SamerBazzi, it adds support for other services like Jabber and Sametime. This service though, requires pop-up blocking to be disabled for the site so that it can properly.

Wow! I never imagined this could happen but it seems Bollywood is going to make a movie entitled ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ revolving around a loyal chelsea fan.


Abhishek Bachan, Priety Zinta, Aishwarya Rai and Lara Dutta, all visited Stamford Bridge recently to attend matches against Charlton and Liverpool.

Hope the movie will have some quality to it when its released around May next year. There were rumors that Terry, Lampard and Mourinho would also make an appearance but Chelsea dismissed those reports