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I crossed the 1000 mark this week for the number of songs I have. That’s 1115 to be more precise. I know its not a lot but its a milestone for me. 😛

The most recent album is tobyMac’s Portable Sounds.

Link: Review of Portable Sounds


CoamtoseArtist: Skillet
Album: Comatose
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock – Hard/ Orchestral/ Pop

I was thinking of posting a detailed review but Panheads (fans of skillet) has already posted one here and it describes the album well.

The amazing thing about Skillet is that they manage to change their style in every album. While their last album “Collide” can be nearly be labeled hard and fueled by thumping guitars, this album is a good mix of their softer and harder style glued by some edgy orchestral elements.

Favorite tracks are hard to list as all of them are enjoyable but if i am going to be picky, the ones that stand out the most are “Whispers in the dark”, “Better than drugs” and “Rebirthing”.

Korey, Ben, John, LoriAdditionally, It seems that John, the lead singer, has tweaked his vocals. Don’t worry his signature raspy voice is still present but it just sounds better in this album; and speaking of vocals some tracks also include the addition of the sweet voice of Korey, John’s wife. Lyrically, the tracks are meaningful, spiritual, straight and direct without much poetry making it much easier to sing along.

I would’ve liked to see some more edgy songs like the ones from Collide with orchestral elements but this album is not at all dissapointing, far from it.

My Rating: 5/5 — my first 5 star rating 😛

More: Skillet’s Myspace, Purevolume (listen to samples from the album)
Video: “Rebirthing” – Brightcove (higher quality), Youtube

Just got two new albums for which I’ve been waiting for some time now. The forst is Jonzetta with their album ‘Popularity’ and the Second is Skillet with their album ‘Comatose’.

While the Jonezetta is new band, Skillet is a seasoned band and is one of my favorites.
Both these albums sound really good 😛 and I’ll post a review about them soon.

Myspace: Skillet, Jonezetta 
PureVolume: Skillet, Jonezetta (<-you can listen to songs here)

TheFaceOfLoveArtist: Sanctus Real
Album: The Face of Love
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock

Their previous album “Fight the tide” is one of my all time favorite albums, the songs were just superb and I liked their energetic rock sound. This album on the other hand is more melodic with less punch.

What I like, are the lyrics. The songs have been written beautifully with meaning and purpose and sounds wonderfull. Favorite tracks on the album includes “I’m not all right”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Where we belong” & “Eloquent”.

Though its nice that they have a shift in the sound to slightly more softer rock which sounds good, I feel they’re much better at their punchy and exciting rock sound.
On the whole, it’s a good buy.

My Rating: 4/5

More: Band’s Website, Myspace, Purevolume.

I think the Sony PSP is a cool gadget and I think the Mylo is even cooler.
Here are some specs:

  • 2.4” LCD (320×240)
  • Skype-client for Internet telephony also Google Talk and Yahoo IM.
  • MP3, ATRAC or WMA playback and MPEG-4 playback
  • Memory Stick Duo Slot
  • Built-In speakers
  • Li-Ion battery for nearly 45 hours of music
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Built-In HTML browser (Wi-Fi 802.11b)

myloThat’s pretty impressive considering the price, expected to be around $350.
Now if only it had GSM(UMTS) network compatability and a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash at the back, it would have been perfect… 😉 Still, this is a superb gadget.

(Click for larger image)

Skillet, one of my favorite bands are going to release their new album “Comatose” on October 3rd.

You can check out a sample of their song titled “Rebirthing” on their MySpace page.


A concert will be held just for the youth (ages 13 – 18) at the Lighthouse in the NECK compound in Kuwait City on Wednesday, May 3rd from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The best part is admission is FREE !! Tickets are provided at the counter.
It will be a night with great bands and great performances. Its entitled GLO 

Skillet - (Ben, John, Korey, Lori)

Skillet is one of the artists that stick out in my long list of favourites. The quartet are presently working on their new album 😛 , two years after their previous album Collide which is one of my fave album.

As a build up to the new album they are weekly studio updates on how things are going and I just can't wait for it to be released if its anything like the background music in the videos.

Video Journal: Skillet

Free Download: Purevolume 

P.O.D. - Tesify (2006)
P.O.D. has released their new album entitled Testify. Its a strong effort thats takes them back to their familiar style heard in their hit album Satellite Read the rest of this entry »

My taste in music is very wide yet very limited, sound like an oxymoron!. I basically listen to music that fun to listen to yet meaningful.

Genres like Alternative, CCM, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Rap, Metal and all sorts of hybrids find a place on my playlists though they are mostly dominated by Rock and Alternative Rock, they are also commonly called "Emo".

My fave artists include Skillet (they are working on a new album after 2 years :P), Switchfoot, Falling Up, Mae, P.O.D, KJ-52 and lots more….

In this category i shall post stuff about music and some reviews.

Some useful sites include: ChristianityToday, PureVolume